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Special Note: Reservations for Summer and Fall for 2021 begins March 15th. 
If you are looking to come in Memorial Day Weekend and beyond, give us a call on or after March 15th.

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  • What are check in and check out times?

Check in is any time after 2pm and check out is by 11:30am.  Refunds are not issued for departing earlier than the reservation’s scheduled stay.  Early check in or late departure may be subject to additional fees and must have pre-approval. 

  • How many people are allowed per site?

The maximum number of people allowed at any given site is 4.  The exception is parents with their minor children.  Base rates include up to two people. 

  • Do you have a dump station?

Yes, we have a dump station for use by our overnight guests only.  (See rates page.)   Drop-in waste disposal is not permitted. 

  • Do you have WIFI?

      Yes, complimentary WIFI is available throughout the RV Park.   The password is given to you when you         check in.

  • Do you have cable/satellite?

We do not have cable television and satellite is quite difficult to acquire because of our location/trees.  A few channels can sometimes be acquired with an antenna.

  • Do you have showers?

Yes, we have nice bathroom facilities with showers.  These are complimentary to overnight guests.  No tokens or quarters are needed.  Showers are allowed for non-guests on a limited basis with approval from the office and are not allowed on weekends during high season.  (See rates page for fee.)   

  • Are pets allowed?  Where can we walk pets?

Yes, up to 3 pets are welcome and there is no fee.  Pets cannot be left unattended outside and must be leashed while on the property. If you are tenting, you must take pets with you when you leave the property.  If you leave pets in your RV and they bark consistently, you will be notified to come back to the RV Park to take pets with you.  Unruly and vicious animals are not welcome.

There is not a specific area for walking animals.  You MUST pick up waste IMMEDIATELY.  Many guests walk their pets down the side road adjacent to the RV Park property.  Please pick up pet waste anywhere in the area.  Our neighbors appreciate it. 

  • Do you sell propane and/or ice?

We do not have propane or ice.  Ice can be purchased at the Safeway across the highway or at Dan’s food market.  Propane can be filled on the West edge of town at the 76 station.

  • Is it safe to walk into downtown?

Yes, there are sidewalks on both sides of the two lane highway and guests walk back and forth all the time.  The downtown (Gazebo) is ¾ mile from the RV Park and there is no shortcut.

  • Are visitors and extra vehicles allowed?

Each site includes one vehicle and one recreational vehicle (or tent where allowed).  Space is limited so extra vehicles are discouraged.  If an extra vehicle is required, there is a daily fee.  Not all sites can accommodate extra vehicles.  No vehicles may park on an empty site.  Daytime visitors are allowed until 10pm.  Parking is very limited, so guests may need to park on the side street. 

  • Are campfires allowed?

Campfires are allowed in some sites in designated fire pits only.  Moving firepits is prohibited.  Putting trash, cigarette butts or debris of any kind in fire pits is prohibited.  Cutting tree branches or shrubbery is not permitted.  Fires can be banned at any time for high fire danger, stagnant air advisories or high wind. 

  • Do you sell firewood?

We do sell firewood, but we do run out at times.  You are welcome to bring your own or it can also be purchased at Safeway or Dan’s food market.

  • What are the quiet hours?

Quiet time is from 10pm to 8am.  Loud music and parties are not permitted.  Please respect your neighbors.

  • Do you have laundry facilities? 

We do not have laundry facilities.  The closest public laundry facility is 3.6 miles in Peshastin, WA.  We can give you a map and directions if desired.

  • How big of a Recreational Vehicle can you accommodate?

Every site varies on the size of rig it can hold or that is allowed.  We assign sites based on the type and length of your trailer, 5th wheel, motorhome, etc.  A couple of sites can accommodate up to a 45’ motorhome or 40’ 5th wheel. 

  • Where are the best places to eat? 

We have some favorite restaurants that we are happy to share with you.  If asked, we will give you a printout of our top picks.

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